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Expect scores of bees and butterflies to seek the nectar of the blooms from these 3-foot-tall beauties. The thin, delicate stems of blue flax Linum perenne lewisii will wave merrily in the breeze from spring through early summer in sun or light shade. The non-invasive plants have a polite growth habit, which means you can inter-plant them with other flowers to create an untamed appearance.

Blue flax is very hardy, coming back even in zone 3 winters, and will self-seed in well-draining soils.

If growing from seed, the best results will come from direct fall seeding, as a chilling dormancy will enhance germination. Simply rake the seeds into the surface of the soil, as they need light to germinate. The pink-flowering plants thrive in poor soil and will tolerate alkaline soils, making them a good choice for the rock garden.

Many showy cultivated columbine plants exist to tempt the gardener, but the native Eastern Red Columbine is just as lovely and will attract hummingbirds to the sunny or partially shady garden. The 3-foot plants usually shrug off deer , an added bonus in rural gardens.


There are new varieties of coreopsis introduced every year, but the lance-leafed wildflower form is still beloved for its copious bright yellow flowers and well-mannered clumping plants that may self-seed. The perennial sunflower may not grow as tall as its hybrid annual counterparts, but the 8-foot flowers will still make a statement in the back of the flower border.

The Maximillian sunflower will come back each year in zones 4 to 9, blooming in early fall to help birds fatten for the winter with oil-rich seeds. The fuzzy blooms of blazing star make them look like divas, but these native flowers need nothing more than average soil and occasional rain to bloom in the hottest summer months. Liatris spicata is slow to grow from seed, so new gardeners should look for transplants to set out in sunny garden areas with good drainage.

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The vigorous but never invasive flowers of Mexican hat feature distinctive cones surrounded by drooping rays of gold or red petals. About This Group.

Created about 5 years ago. Group Rules from the Admins. Plants must only be from Britain and Ireland, and the islands there - plants from countries abroad should be posted in another suitable group, such as 'Wildflowers of Europe'.

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Plants should be wild, which means they have sown themselves, and this means natural escapes of garden plants are also fine - they should not have been planted or cultivated by humans, unless as part of restoration or research relating to how they grow or interact. The group is for identification of plants and learning about the plant from the plant's point of view - foraging, recipes and medicinal qualities should be posted on other groups. Events anticipated to attract people from a wide part of Britain and Ireland, petitions of national significance and groundbreaking book publications may be of interest - Local events and petitions should be avoided; spam will be removed with the user likely removed with it.

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Wildflower mixes are not wild and so should not be posted; they invariably represent flowers you'll not find growing wild around you, and are genetically optimised for a different part of the country, planet, or habitat from where they are sown, which is why they rapidly disappear if left. Posts should be made in a courteous tone at all times, and may be removed where they lack proper courtesy. Unusually problematic posters may be muted for a period or removed from the group.

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