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My most recent relationship experience con. The Result of Experience. It is true that I frequently elaborate on specific financial aspects of relationships, but it is merely to explain the importance. Some marriage counselors and economic professionals quote statistics of greater than half of divorces being a direct result of financial mismanagement by one of t.

Temporary vs Permanent. Relationships are fragile; so much so that the end is often a complete surprise to one or both parties. I was flabbergasted. There was no explanation or even a good bye.

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My calls, questions and texts were ignored. I gave up after a couple days to avoid crossing that line from whence I could be labeled stalk. No Free Parking. How far has our society fallen when considering the low self esteem of our young ladies? Desire Versus Deserve. Another difference between men and women is how they see themselves over time and the concepts they have of what makes an acceptable partner. Therefore his search began with a simple con. Pay Dates. Dating, courting and even flirting incurs expense. Even attempting to engage a woman in conversation is oftentimes costly.

Keep dreaming pal!

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Detaining her through means involving force is frowned upon and can. Consent to marriage is not unlike voluntarily offering oneself for commitment to an asylum. Mismatched Pairings. But one must remember that if this is your goal and it is for so many then the quality of your selection is critically important. It is imperative to ensure that your potential mate shares similar attitudes and goals in life. A negative and a positive will still ultimately equate to a negative. I have come to believe that this phenomenon is NOT the declaration of a lifestyle choice to prove that she is strong, capable, smart and independent enough to take care of everything on her own.

It is NOT a declaration that she refuses on principle to rely on a man for anything. Watch how fast her tune changes once a man presents an interest. Her pride and her wallet will go tucked away together, dee. Mourning Glory. It is customary for many people to mourn and cry at a funeral. Surely we too have each experienced similar losses. To us, the fact that some cultures celebrate the departure of family members from this life is foreign. Games: Just Fun or Truly Dangerous?

I have always wondered whether I was being tricked by a co-worker or an angry ex. Maybe it was even a stranger who got some weird thrill from playing. Understand What are You Looking For. Those ideas you developed about what was cool and attractive as a teenager are probably quite the opposite of what you really want to pursue later in life: a rebellious joker, avid smoker, possible doper who spend more time detailing his car or brushing her hair than studying for exams. Those same traits are probably not what you wish to attach yourself to for the long term.

Guys in high school were often cool…but it was temporary. The same goes for girls.

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Position yourself at the nucleus of a positive universe. Pull into your individual orbit those people,.

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Turkey Day Power Play. Thanksgiving is a holiday I look forward to, mostly for the food and fellowship…in that order. It seems it is a difficult time for any relationship I might be in as well. In recent years the Thanksgiving holiday has coincided with the serving of divorce documents; a date embarrassed me in front of close friends then asked for money to fight her pending drug conviction; and now this year the girl I was seeing backed out of long-planned event and had the feast with someone else! Oddly enough, I.

Difficulty with Breaking Up. Eventually my discomfort builds up and I require an escape. When o. Marriage: Yes or No? I saw a report on television a few days ago concerning a survey which revealed nearly half of Americans questioned reportedly could not see any true value in marriage. Legally, it is skewed. Emotionally it can be tortuous. Financially, it is quite often disastrous. There is far more to lose than to gain. Clearly the negatives outweigh the positives. Married men are not even afforded the same opportunity for hope frequently given to convicted felons: th.

Are You Hosting? A tick embedded in your skin is always with you. But this companion is neither friend nor an equal partner. It takes from you what it needs to live and gives you nothing in return except possible severe illness. Unmolested, it will remain with you as long as you permit it to do so: sucking you dry for sustenance. The tick will always be a burden to its host. It has no special feelings for you and will quickly latch onto another should you become unavailable, unwilling or unw. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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